About Event

The LNP Characterization & Analytical Development Summit was the premier forum to benchmark and learn with the LNP community who united for the first time, diving deep into the biggest characterization and analytical development challenges facing the field.

Who Joined This Summit:

This event catered for the following specialists, who are working on either LNP and/or payloads:

  • LNP Characterization
  • LNP Bio/Analytical Development
  • LNP Assay Development
  • LNP Quality Control
  • LNP Comparability
  • Regulatory Affairs

What You Missed:

33558 - Robbie Lund (1)

Incorporating novel high throughput screening and characterization methods to understand the external and inner physio-chemical properties of your LNPs

33558 - Robbie Lund (1)

Improving in vivo and in vitro translatability with payload integrity

33558 - Robbie Lund (1)

Optimizing your LNP composition with different payloads to increase encapsulation efficiency

33558 - Robbie Lund (1)

Leveraging characterization and bioanalytics to define CQAs and potency assay for your final drug products, and further optimizing your process development for reduced COGS

33558 - Robbie Lund (1)

Comparing and benchmarking different analytics and potency assay techniques for the right panel for your LNP drug product and disease indications for future reference standards

33558 - Robbie Lund (1)

Demonstrating your product quality control to regulatory agencies for a smooth IND filing and scalability

This summit was dedicated to this emerging group of scientists to equip them with the quantitative techniques, and leveraging this to support formulation & process development group to enhance product quality.


What Previous Attendees of the LNP Series Had To Say:

"Fantastic networking opportunity and learning about latest development in the field from speakers and audience."